Blackboard App helps students stay informed, up-do-date and connected

Kickstarting our monthly feature ‘Best App of the week’. We all spend a lot of time glued to our phones, whether you browsing twitter feed, Instagram or chatting to your mates on WhatsApp.

To keep the fire burning we will be sharing with you weekly best apps to download. Some will be the new ones, and others have been standbys on this list for years.

Regardless, we’re certain that the apps will make your life easier, and help you get the most out of your smartphone.



Blackboard app enables students to react to their immediate needs and helps them stay up-to-date on their academic progress and requirements. Brings a completely new user experience and aesthetic to Blackboard’s mobile product suite and offers students an intuitive way to view and interact with courses, instructors, classmates, and content with emphasis placed on their immediate needs.

With the Blackboard app, you can:
• Quickly view updates to your courses and content
• Take assignments and tests
• View grades for courses, assignments, and tests
• Participate in Collaborate sessions on the go

Download: Android | iOS


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