Volkswagen to recall up to 220,000 cars due to a problem with seatbelt lock

The infamous German carmaker Volkswagen (VW) has recently announced it will recall around 220,000 of its new (2018) Polo vehicles in the coming weeks due to a problem with the rear seatbelt lock.

According to Reuters, the recall concerned a technical problem where the rear left seatbelt could be unintentionally released in some rare situations, for example during a fast lane change when the vehicle had five passengers on board.

“All current Polo models are affected in SA since its launch earlier this year. VW will communicate with affected owners in due course.” Volkswagen South Africa said to Wheels24 in a statement.

In the next coming weeks, Volkswagen will begin their recall campaign and customers will receive a letter so as to plan an appointment with a Volkswagen service partner.


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