NEW & COOL: Smart Battery Case to boost your battery life

In recent years, the battery case for smartphones has become a must-have accessory, especially if you spend too much time on your smartphone. Case like the Mophie, have become popular by let you slip your smartphone on to it and Wala! now you’ve got enough juice for a full day.
Now, Apple is introducing a new smart battery case for the iPhone 6S just to help boost your batter life.
This ugly phone case could solve Apple iPhone 6S’ Battery Woes , available on for iPhone users in the US.
All Apple iPhone 6 or 6S users invariably lug around a powerbank because their phones cannot last the day on a single charge. This is where phone cases by brands like Mophie came to your rescue, but they didn’t come cheap.

The case looks somewhat ugly with the bulge at the back (it reminds us of the old and retired iPhone 3GS) as a result of this plugable battery unit, Priced at $99 (US) (approximately R1440.06) Apple claims that this Smart Battery Case helps your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S last for more than 25 hours on a single charge. But that’s not all, the Smart Battery Case is also durable enough to hold your iPhone 6 or 6S, thanks to the soft microfibre lining inside the cover that provides a strong grip.
The case also features intelligent battery status that notifies how much juice is left in your iPhone’s tank.
(It’s not yet available in South Africa, but hopefully that’ll happen soon).