Bonang Matheba To Release Limited-edition T-Shirt Collection


TV star and style icon Bonang Matheba has linked up with Spree to release a limited-edition T-Shirt collection.

Influenced by her reality TV Show ‘Being Bonang, the T-shirts feature bold phrases like “Mo’Ghel”, “Give the people what they want” and #IamBonang made popular by Queen B herself.

What the messages on the T-shirts mean:

Mo’ghel – Years ago, before we were all calling each other Mo’ghel before we even knew a woman by the name of Bonang Matheba, little B and Pinky were calling each other by this name. So it’s easy to argue that this is the most authentically Bonang piece in the collection.



#iamBonang – is not just another hashtag. It’s a reminder that you can aspire to something greater in your life, and that your aspiration is achievable. It represents Bonang, everything she stands for, and a sense of community among her fans in the way work towards and celebrates their own achievements.

Give the people what they want – It’s about being the best possible version of yourself, so much so that your energy will invigorate those around you.

Take a look at the range below and stay tuned for this range to hit web store later this month.





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