Free Calls + Movie Downloads on Tshwane Wi-Fi


Project Isizwe’s free WiFi service in Tshwane now offers free VoIP calls and movie streaming.

Users will need to download the WiFi Voice calling app for their phone, with users then able to make free calls between other Tshwane WiFi users and the city’s customer care line.

It’s also possible to make VoIP calls when not in WiFi range, with mobile data costs then applying.

“The high cost of voice calls creates a barrier to stimulating economic growth and creating opportunity for our youth. The City of Tshwane will effectively reduce the cost of doing business in and with the city through the Tshwane WiFi Voice app,” said Zahir Khan, COO of Project Isizwe, in a statement.

In another spot of welcome news, the service has also announced the launch of WiFi Drive In, a service for streaming movies at selected hotspots.

These aren’t just B-movies either, with blockbuster films being promised.

“WiFi Drive In will be available over weekends and offer family entertainment around 30 Hollywood blockbusters on personal devices, complemented by food kiosks, flea-market stalls and kids’ areas to offer a true family experience to enjoy content previously reserved for a privileged few. The first site will be the Fountains Valley Park and more sites will be enabled based on the model developed here,” the organisation explained.

Tshwane free WiFi users will also be gaining access to a third new feature in the form of WiFi Chat.

“WiFi Chat is a web-based platform for information and feedback, as well as a new service delivery mechanism where users can log queries and complaints,” the group said.