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The Y Academy has been around for over 10 years and is South Africa’s most ambitious media-training programme. Over the last decade, YFM has been taking in two sets of 12 interns for six months each, rotating each intern in the station’s various departments as they learn what goes into the running of a successful commercial radio station. In 2018, we revamped the Y Academy and accepted a single intake of 10 interns for the full nine months of the programme (April to December). Following last year’s success, the Y Academy will once again accept 10 interns this year.
After learning from the station’s staff, guest lecturers and the Y Academy Trainers, the interns get a chance at being radio personalities, producers, news anchors and technical producers via Ground Zero.
At the end of the 9-month programme, the interns are awarded a certificate and, over time, many receive employment opportunities within the station.
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The Y Academy prides itself in training 10 individuals every financial year (from April) about the business of running a radio station.
It’s produced a great number of talent over the years, both on and off-air, making it the ideal stepping stone for graduates who want to gain experience in the workspace and learn more about radio
The Y Academy speaks for itself, day in, day out! Individuals make contact throughout the year – via in person or via emails and phone call – asking about the programme and when it’s running again. The Y Academy’s is a key part of the YFM brand.
It’s no lie that SA’s youth are currently facing the highest unemployment rate we’ve ever seen. The Y Academy is a shining light that not only gives the youth a chance at being employed but also offers them the necessary skills to enter the workplace.
The Y Academy also gives candidates a taste of what it’s like to be part of the YFM family. Working at YFM is an opportunity that very few individuals get to experience and the Y Academy serves as a window into this vibrant company that’s been at the helm of SA youth culture for the last 20 years.


The Y Academy learning structure and activities are crucial to the fundamental day-to-day running of the academy, business and the interns are chosen. The academy is a stepping stone to equip young radio enthusiasts and teaches them about the YFM brand, how YFM operates as a business and the commercial radio industry at large. The activities will differ on a day-to-day basis and will vary from in-house lectures from our Y Academy Trainers, different department heads, industry specialists and other senior YFM colleagues and should be focused on the theoretical work that comes with being in the radio environment, the practical skill sets that are to be acquired to last in this environment and motivational life stories of some of their industry heroes / YFM legends.
Activity achievable will be as follows:

  • Learning about radio as a medium and art form;
  • The history of the medium and where it’s going;
  • How new media plays a huge role on how we operate as business today;
  • The importance of personal branding, irrespective of which department you work in;
  • The importance of putting the brand first in everything you do and where ever you are;
  • The day-to-day running of the various departments (each department will be have liberty to use academics as and when they see fit);
  • How the various departments impact the on-air product and vice versa;
  • Why independent / exclusive content creation is the future of the medium;
  • What role they play in the 2019 station marketing plan;
  • Breaking down the fundamentals of signing up for the Y Academy and what they are accountable for;
  • Learning about the YFM app in-depth and creating content and assisting the social media team; and
  • Weekly Vlogs / Blogs about they’re every week in the Academy.

Applications open on 04 February 2019 and close on 28 February 2019, at midnight. 
Shortlisted candidates will be contacted during March 2019. If you are not contacted by 01 April 2019, please consider your application for the 2019 Y Academy unsuccessful. 

To apply for this job please visit www.yfm.co.za.


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