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Danone, YoJelly and yoTV are looking for the next best presenter to take over the tv & become part of the Yotv family.
Yo-Jelly has joined forces with YOTV to find the most hip & happening new TV presenter! Not only will the lucky winner be awarded the honour of being a presenter on SABC 1’s YOTV, but will also be a brand ambassador for Yo-Jelly!
YOTV & Yo-Jelly will be visiting a total of six malls across the country over February & March to audition all hopeful children between the ages of 8 & 12 years old.
To enter the Presenter Search, a participant must purchase any Danone Yo-Jelly product, then dial *120*9688#, enter the last 4 digits of the barcode & follow the instructions. The participant will then receive a confirmation number and audition time, which the participant must keep.
Audition slots are limited to 500 per mall! So go get your Yo-Jelly NOW!
21-23 February :: Maponya Mall – Gauteng
28 February – 2 March :: Eastgate Shopping Centre – Gauteng
7-9 March :: Gateway Theatre of Shopping – KwaZulu Natal
14-16 March :: Canal Walk Shopping Centre – Western Province
21-23 March :: Centurion Mall – Gauteng
28-30 March :: Clearwater Mall – Gauteng
1. The Yo-Jelly Presenter Search 2014 (“Presenter Search”) is produced by Urban Brew Studios (Pty) Ltd (“UBS”). Danone Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd (“Danone”) is the sponsor and branding partner of the Presenter Search. UBS and Danone are the organisers of the Presenter Search (the “Organisers”). The Presenter Search is being conducted in order to search for a presenter for the Yo-TV programme that is broadcast on the SABC1 channel of the South African Broadcasting Corporation (“SABC”).
2. By taking part in the Presenter Search, participants agree to be bound by these terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) as interpreted by the Organisers in their sole discretion. The Organisers’ decision on all issues regarding or arising from this Presenter Search will be final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into.
3. To the extent that entrants are minors, their parents/guardians must agree to these Terms and Conditions on their behalf.
4. The Presenter Search is only open to persons residing in the Republic of South Africa. Entries from persons who do not reside in the Republic of South Africa will not be accepted and will be invalid.
5. The Presenter Search is open for entry between 00:01am on 31-01-2014 and 23:59 on 25-03-2014. No entries will be accepted outside this time period.
6. A participant must be between the ages of 8 and 12 years old in order to participate in the Presenter Search. Persons that are 13 years of age and older, or younger than 8 years, will not be entitled to participate.
7. Auditions for presenters will be held at the shopping centres. Only 500 (five hundred) entrants per Shopping Centre will be allowed to audition as part of the Presenter Search. Only the first 500 (five hundred) persons who enter for a specific Shopping Centre will be able to audition at that Shopping Centre.
8. In order to enter the Presenter Search, a participant must purchase any Danone Yo-Jelly product, and keep the product’s barcode as well as the proof of purchase of that product (the till slip). The participant must enter via USSD with their name, ID number, the last four digits of the barcode and the Shopping Centre at which they wish to audition to the following number: *120*9688#. The participant will then receive a confirmation number and audition time, which the participant must keep. However, if 500 (five hundred) persons have already entered to audition at the specific Shopping Centre, the person will not receive a confirmation number, but will be informed that the entry cannot be accepted. If the entrant wishes to enter for a different Shopping Centre, the entrant must submit a new entry according to the procedure described above.
9. If a participant’s entry has been accepted and they have received a confirmation number, the participant must attend an audition at the Shopping Centre chosen by them. The participant must be at the relevant Shopping Centre twenty minutes before the participants’ allocated audition time. The participant must bring their confirmation number, the original proof of purchase (till slip) relating to the Danone Yo-Jelly product that they purchased, the barcode of that product as well as their original birth certificate (or a certified copy thereof) with them to the audition. Participants will not be allowed to do an audition without their confirmation number, proof of purchase and birth certificate, or if they arrive at a Shopping Centre which is different from the one mentioned in their entry.
10. Each participant may only submit one entry into the Presenter Search per Shopping Centre. The Organisers will identify semi-finalists from the participants, in the organisers’ discretion. The semi-finalists must attend a workshop on a date and at a venue communicated to them by the Organisers. The Organisers will select two finalists from the semi-finalists attending the workshop.
11. Two finalists in each region will be chosen by Danone and UBS, in their sole discretion. The 12 finalists will travel to Johannesburg where an overall winner will be chosen. The winner will be chosen based on factors such as their skill and presenting ability. Lot or chance plays no role in the Presenter Search. All participants, semi-finalists and finalists will be responsible for bearing their costs and expenses of travel, accommodation and subsistence relating to attendance of the auditions and/or workshop, as the case may be.
12. The Organisers shall be entitled to disqualify any entrant or entry from the Presenter Search if the Organisers determine, in their sole and absolute opinion, that an entrant did not comply with these Terms and Conditions or tampered or interfered with the entry and judging process or any other part or aspect of the Presenter Search or its procedure.
13. The Organisers reserve the right to suspend or terminate this Presenter Search should they deem it necessary to do so. The reasons for this may include, without limitation, the provisions of any law or any legal requirement or if the Organisers find that there has been tampering with the Presenter Search procedure in whatever manner.
14. The Organisers shall be entitled not to choose a winner or award one or more prizes. The Organisers can do so for whatever reason, including, without limitation, that an insufficient number of entries were received or that the quality of the entries or auditions were not of a sufficient or appropriate standard.
15. The winner of the Presenter Search will be engaged as a YOTV presenter at UBS’s discretion. UBS will, in its sole and absolute discretion, determine the specifics and details of the presenter’s engagement, including what show and insert the presenter will be involved in, as well as the rights of the winner (if any). Should the presenter reside in KwaZulu-Natal, Cape Town or any other area outside Johannesburg (as may be specified by the Organisers), this person will be engaged as an “insert presenter” only.
16. The Organisers make no representations or warranties regarding the winner’s engagement with UBS or the winner’s involvement in YOTV. Without limiting the generality of this, the Organisers make no warranties or representations regarding the nature of the winner’s involvement as a presenter on YOTV or any consideration payable to the winner (if any at all).
17. Danone will have no liability, obligations or responsibility towards the winner of the Presenter Search. The winner of the Presenter Search will be required to enter into an agreement with UBS in order to be a presenter on YOTV. The agreement will regulate the winner’s presenting on YOTV, and UBS will determine the terms and conditions of the agreement in its sole discretion. The winner will only be allowed to be a presenter on YOTV once the winner has concluded the agreement with UBS.
18. Danone, UBS, the SABC and their personnel, agents and contractors (“the Indemnified Parties”) shall not be liable for any loss, costs, claims, expenses or damages whether direct or indirect, arising from Entrant’s participation in the Presenter Search or from the acceptance or use of any prize awarded.
19. All entrants, by entering the Presenter Search, indemnify the Indemnified Parties from any liability, loss, damage, costs or expenses incurred as a result of the contestant’s participation in the Presenter Search or from the use of the any prizes awarded.
20. Entrants are responsible for ensuring that their entries reach the Organisers via the USSD line. The Indemnified Parties shall not be liable or responsible for any entry that has not been received or that has been omitted from participation in the Presenter Search for any reason whatsoever. The Organisers will not be responsible for delayed or lost entries or confirmation numbers that are not transmitted or received by entrants.
21. Entrants agree that the Organisers may use their names, images, likeness and biographical information for publicity and marketing purposes in whatever manner.
22. The auditions will be filmed and will make up a show on YOTV. All entrants agree that they may be filmed during or at auditions, and that their names, images, likeness and biographical information may be used by the Organisers.
23. By participating in the Presenter Search, participants agree to their personal information being entered into the Organisers’ databases. The Organisers will not disclose participants’ personal information to third parties. By providing the Organisers with their details, participants acknowledge and agree that the Organisers may use such details to contact them regarding upcoming promotions, special offers, product launches and the like from time to time. Participants may unsubscribe from the Organisers’ mailing lists by following the relevant hyperlink that is provided in correspondence from them.
24. The judges’ decision will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
25. Should entrants have any queries regarding the Presenter Search they can send an email to the following email address: INFO@YO-TV.CO.ZA.


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