Ubank announces The Soil as its new ambassador


A proclaimed workers’ bank of choice Ubank has recently announced The Soil –  award-winning group as their brand ambassador.

This Soweto born acapella Soul and Jazz band will collaborate with Ubank effective May 2019.

Questions may be raised on why Ubank elected musicians to be its brand ambassador – the reason is simple…music does not discriminate…it “touches” all of us. When we are happy or sad, when we celebrate or mourn or when we are doing our simplest duties like cleaning or when we travel, music becomes our companion. Music is part of our lives one way or the other. Moreover, studies have shown that music amplifies our psychological welfare, rational functioning and enhances our physical health in astounding ways. It is also said that music can make us happier, eases stress and can help us sleep better, for those of us who can sleep with music on, said CEO Ubank, Luthando Vutula.

We believe that through the band’s unique and symphonic music they perform, our brands can elevate one another. With their aspiration of being a household brand imprinted in the hearts and minds of those who aspire for a better world, this is a best fit for Ubank as it strives to uplift its customers and communities at large with financial literacy and offer the best possible banking services solutions. If we can do this with the help of such a well-known band, this should create an even better platform to meet our mandate and to further expose the band to other consumers who may otherwise not have heard of them, said Vutula

When Ubank approached us to be their brand ambassador, we were honoured and immediately realised that our values of uplifting, helping our community, giving back to the community was in sync and that made our decision to partner with them effortless. We are very excited about this collaboration and we can’t wait to roll out their campaign, and possibly even learn from their financial literacy seminars that we will be performing, said the spokesperson of The Soil, Mr. Luphindo Ngxanga.

Vutula concluded: I would to urge you to listen to The Soil’s “Joy (we are family)” song: this song sums up our pleasure to be associated with this prestigious group and can’t wait to have them at our activations events.


About Ubank

Ubank is a well-established financial services provider entrenched primarily within the gold and platinum mining communities. Its mandate to service the broader working market in South Africa has become imperative in order to extend affordable financial services and to provide all workers with a bank they can trust.





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