Barclays Pioneering Young Women Conference 2015

Pioneering Young Women Conference is a three-day conference is designed to prepare you for years of success as a leader of tomorrow. It aims to bridge the gap between student life and the working world in today’s global markets. It’s about giving young women a chance to challenge themselves and in turn be equipped to challenge the future. It presents a unique opportunity to hear from and engage with inspirational women and men from a wide range of industries and backgrounds.
Across the three days, you can look forward to:

  • Keynote addresses
Interactive challenges
Networking opportunities
  • Group challenges

You’ll gain a holistic perspective of the challenges and possibilities that lie ahead for women in the world of business and beyond. And we hope that, by the end, you’ll be motivated and inspired to give freedom to your ambitions – triggering the bold and creative thinking that is so often the key to success in the future. Ideally have some evidence of leadership or community involvement.
Qualifying criteria

  • Full-time students currently completing their postgraduate degrees and are studying towards a degree in IT, Actuarial Sciences, Economics, Finance, Accounting, Risk Management, Maths and Statistics
  • An interest in the financial industry is preferable
  • 65% academic average across all subjects taken within previous year of study
  • Leadership or extramural activities are preferable
  • Must be available to attend the conference from 6 July to 8 July in Sandton (participants’ travel costs and accommodation will be paid)

Applications close 16th May 2015.