Africa’s first ATM pharmacy launched in Alexandra

Launched for the first time in South Africa today, is the ATM pharmacy which made a debut in Alexandra.
The ATM Pharmacy will help overcome the challenges of chronic illnesses patients waiting in long queues to collect medication.
The patient comes with a prescription form the hospital or clinic which will be loaded into an electronic patient system, then the patient will be given a Pin Code. When using the ATM you will be required to scan your ID Barcode or a pharmacy card, also to enter the Pin Code then you will follow the instructions on the screen which will link you to an assistant.

Developed by Right to Care and Right ePharmacy, the ATM features a Touch Screen and a receipt printout at the completion of the task.
The system is operated by pharmacists and their assistants who are linked to patients through a Skype-like audiovisual interaction and it runs off cloud-based software and robotic technology to dispense and label the medication.
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The ATM Pharmacy is located at the Alexandra Plaza, which is easily accessible using public transport and it’s open over the weekend and on public holidays.
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