2014 Matric Results available via SMS and USSD from SABC Education

Matric students can receive their exam results via their mobile phones in the New Year.
Students can register by simply SMSing their ID number followed by their exam number to 35658 or *120*35658#. SMSs cost R3 and USSD rates apply. The service is available until 31 January 2015.
The mobile service is a partnership with the Department of Basic Education.
Matric results will be available on 6th January 2015 except for the Western Cape which will be 7th January 2015.
How to register for SMS and USSD:
via SMS:
• The Learner will send an SMS to 35658
• The SMS will consist of a keyword followed by the ID number and student number.
• The system verifies the keyword, the ID number and the exam number; both numbers
must have 13 Digits in order to be accepted. The ID number will also be subjected to an
algorithm that identifies if the ID number is a valid South African ID number
• After the learner has successfully registered, they will receive their results on the day of
via USSD:
• It is a text based conversation which allows the user to select multiple choice answers.
• This is a great way to supply an interactive service to the learners and to gain various
demographic insights from them
• USSD is also an excellent way to get an opt in for further communication from the
• USSD work on feature and smart phones and allows a company to target every
consumer with a handset
• The learners will dial *120*35658#, put in their ID number and they will get their results
per subject
• USSD has what we call resume session function, where our system recognizes the
number the next time the user dials the string. Meaning that it knows what was the last
question the learner answered
• The learners will be given a choice to OPT in or not as we need to comply with POPI
(Protection Of Personal Information)
• POPI promotes transparency with regard to what information is collected and how it is to be processed. This openness is likely to increase customer confidence in the organization.