How ‘MBA Admission’ changes could affect you from next year

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If you’re planning to pursue an MBA degree, take note of admission changes set to come into effect from next year that could put your plans on hold

As of 2016, people wanting to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) will be subjected to much stricter admission requirements as the Council on Higher Education seeks to transform the degree locally.
Graduate students who studied a three-year undergrad degree will no longer be eligible for immediate admission as an Honours degree or equivalent four-year qualification will be required in order to apply.
According to Financial Mail, graduates who don’t qualify will first need to complete a one or two-year bridging programme, depending on their business school of choice.
The changes mean MBA hopefuls must be prepared to fork out more money for the degree and spend a few extra years studying.
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For those who don’t hold tertiary qualifications, business schools will still be allowed to reserve up to 10% of an MBA class for black applicants in “recognition of prior learning”.
The changes form part of the Council on Higher Education’s drive to get the MBA degree academically upgraded to a Level-9 qualification as opposed to the current Level-8, which is equivalent to an Honours degree.
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