What it takes to Pass Matric

According to a report by Africa Check, matric students must take a minimum of 7 subjects.
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3 of these are compulsory subjects, which include a first language; a first additional language; mathematics or mathematical literacy; and life orientation.
Pupils need 40% in 3 of the compulsory subjects – including a home language – and 30% in 3 other subjects.
Students are not required to pass the 7th subject if the above requirements are met.
According to the report, a matric pass at the “lowest possible level” does not grant a student access to a technical college or university.
Note: Minimum matric pass requirements are listed on the Department of Education’s website, but state that a learner must pass 3 subjects at 40%, 2 at 30%, and 1 at 20%.

Bachelor’s Degree admission

The minimum requirements for entry to a bachelor’s degree, as listed by the Department of Education and NMMU, are as follows:

  • Pass the National Senior Certificate
  • Obtain an achievement rating of 4 – Adequate Achievement, 50% – 59% – or better in 4 designated subjects.