LIST of demands by WITS students following the #FeesMustFall protest:

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Below is the list of demands by WITS students following the ‪#‎FeesMustFall‬protest:

  1. We demand Free Education Now
  2. No Registration Fee (even where there is outstanding debt)
  3. By-elections for SRC (Elections were unconstitutional)
  4. Historic debt repayment for students who are graduating this year to be scrapped in total
  5. Access to academic record whether you are in debt or not
  6. Left-over food from all dining halls must be given to poor students and day scholars on campus (inclusive of weekends)
  7. Suspensions and disciplinary action due to the protest that took place in 2015 should be revoked
  8. No police presence on campus
  9. African Students (international students) within the border of Africa should not pay an upfront fee payment of 75 per cent but rather it should be pushed down to 50 per cent
  10. Removal of upfront accommodation fee and students should be allowed to move upon registration
  11. Returning NSFAS Students in their final year should be given financial aid to complete academic studies.