Tips to Save Mobile Data on your Smartphone

The use of smartphones and a pile of social media apps has gone everyone going day to day. But all that comes with the use of data. I’ve probably heard alot of people complaining about how certain apps chews their data and how the data itself has become an expense. With a bit of research we have compiled a list of ways that can help you save your mobile data. Well check the tips below:
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Avoid opening too much browser pages
When browsing the net, try by all means to minimize the number of your webpages. For instance If you use Chrome for all your web traffic, this tip alone can save you 30-35 percent of your mobile browser data consumption. The Data Saver option compresses web pages before loading them in your browser.
We know you love Facebook app, but get rid of it
The Facebook app is one of the most dangerous apps when trying to save data. The functionality/features of the app drains your data like nobody’s business. Get rid of it, alternatively access Facebook via web browser
Restrict background data
Restricting background data and syncing of accounts will help save data. The easiest way to save data is to tell your apps to restrict background data. Background data is all that internet traffic that goes on when you’re not actually using an app: email syncing, feeds updating, weather widgets and so on.
Disable auto-updating apps
Another huge drain of your data allowance comes from automatic app updating. Even over a data connection, this could be chewing its way through your allowance every month without you even knowing. Depending on your mobile operating system, all you have to do is go to your App store settings and turn off auto updates.
Store music on your phone
You need to store music in your phone, so to avoid streaming services like Soundcloud, Deezer,YouTube and other video and music sites are huge data killers. If there’s a tune or album you’re constantly listening to at the gym or on the way to work, you’ll use much less data by loading it onto your phone and listening to it offline, than endlessly streaming it from the web
Stop using too much Emojis on your chats
Phones as recent as the Samsung Galaxy S6/7 could cost you a fortune every time you give a friend a wink or a smile. Shocked users have discovered that smiley-face emojis and emoticons are unwittingly costing them hundreds in their mobile data.
Older smartphones may handle emojis by turning them into picture messages, which cost more to send.
Identify and limit/remove high consuming apps
In Settings > Data usage you can get a look at the apps which are consuming the most data both in the foreground and the background. This can be really useful for knowing which apps you should restrict.
Take Gmail, for example. On my phone, it has downloaded 451 MB of emails in the background. If I felt I didn’t use the app enough to justify that much data use, I could remove the app, limit how often it syncs or prevent it from downloading attachments, all of which would reduce data consumption
Navigate offline
Google Maps can use up quite a bit of your mobile data if you’re not careful, but thankfully it is possible to use Google Maps offline.
Use Google Docs offline
Google Maps isn’t the only Google app you can use offline. If you want to make edits to important documents without it using up your mobile data, you can. Find out how to use Google Docs offline at the link.
Avoid too much of the upload, download or send pictures or videos
A single minute of high definition footage captured on a modern smartphone can take up as much as 200 MB of data. Single photos can easily exceed 40 MB. Don’t even think about uploading these to Facebook, or downloading pictures and videos from friends, unless your mobile data plan can handle it.
Hope all these tips helps, but most important: Monitor your data usage , Change your plan if necessary and check how much you spend monthly or weekly so to have an easier budget for your data.
Feel free to share with us some of the tips that work for you…..
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