Webfluential Launches A New Influencer Marketing Academy

Are you interested in Influencer Marketing?
South Africa’s Influencer and Marketing popular platform, Webfluential is expanding its horizon with the launch of a new academy.
Webfluential is a great platform that we’ve actually used, and it simply connects marketers and influencers to engage and collaborate.
Now with the academy, Webfluential will simply teach people about ‘Influencer Marketing’ as a whole. This includes lessons and insights Webfluential has gained over the past few years in the form of online short-courses; designed for both influencers and marketers alike.
The Webfluential Academy can be found online at where there is also a free introductory course available for a limited time called ‘An introduction to Influencer Marketing’. The course is aimed at campaign strategists and programme managers. It aims to offer certification that can be used to develop an individual’s experience and CV.
Webfluential staff, who have all undergone the course, have said that this new resource is educational and a key strategic initiative to help serve the digital marketing community.