Rapper PRO (Pro Kid) dies after severe seizure attack

Hip Hop artist PRO (formerly known as ProKid) has passed away on Wednesday night, 08 August 2018 after he suffered a severe seizure while visiting a friend in the Joburg CBD, the family has confirmed in a statement.
The rapper suffered a severe seizure attack, whilst visiting friends and paramedics were called in to assist, they did their best to revive him to no avail and called his time of death at 8:30pm.
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Several musicians took it to social media to offer their condolences and pay tribute to the rapper.
Here’s what they had to say:

PRO is a Hip Hop artist from Soweto, South Africa. He was signed to Gallo Record Company and TS Records after his independently released track ‘Soweto’ became popular. His popularity is largely because he proudly represents South African ‘Kasi’ (township) life, rapping in a mixture of vernacular and English. He has been involved in several MC battles with other South African MCs, including a much-publicised battle with 2rinity member Kaydo on YFM.
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