Netflix’s first Afrikaans series — Ludik

Enemies and allies clash as chaos ensues amongst the star-studded South African cast of Ludik.

The explosive 6-episode series follows the story of Daan Ludik, portrayed by South African and Hollywood icon Arnold Vosloo as he tries to drag his empire out of a scandalous mess. Guns are fired, diamonds are stolen, and relationships are tested as Daan Ludik’s whole world is under fire in Netflix’s first Afrikaans series set to premiere on 26 August 2022.

Synopsis: Daan Ludik (Arnold Vosloo), coming from nothing, has built his own kingdom. This successful furniture salesman is the face of his business. He is heard on radio, seen on television and billboards. A family man in the affluent Pretoria East, but with a secret that is connected to the underworld. With his family life in turmoil, Daan’s resourcefulness and priorities are constantly challenged as he risks exposure, losing his family, jail time and death. As he struggles to keep his personal relationships and business intact, he has to rely on both old and new allies to prevail.

In his most challenging performance yet, Rob van Vuuren takes on the role of Swys De Villiers, a troubled widower desperate to take a stand in his life. Swys De Villiers and Daan Ludik pull out all the stops in their fight for revenge, unbeknownst to both men that those closest to them stand in their way.

The cast includes renowned and beloved South African stars Lizz Meiring (Maureen Ludik) and Terence Bridgette (DJ Jakes) as well as Inge Beckmann (Rina Goosen) and Sean Cameron Michael (Arend Brown) who all play an integral part in the unraveling of Daan Ludik’s empire. Created by Paul Buys and Annemarie van Basten, Executive Producers Anele Mdoda, Paul Buys and Frankie Du Toit, the series will leave viewers enthralled after each explosive episode.

The series is set to premiere on 26 August 2022. In the meantime, check out the trailer below: