Student Expo 2016

The Student Expo, one of South Africa’s largest student focused expos, will be taking place in Cape Town and Durban this April and May, and will return to Johannesburg in July.
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It targets more than 1,000 private and upmarket government schools students (LSM 8-12), as well as top university faculty students to help them further professional careers in the legal, medical, engineering, commerce and culinary arts spheres. It brings together professionals from legal and accountancy, entrepreneurs, engineers, doctors, scientists and chefs.
Prospective students will be able to meet with representatives from a wide range of universities to determine which school and programme best meets their needs. Students will gain insight and career advice from leading field specialists to understand the expectations and roles of their potential professions. The expo aims to feed students with valuable knowledge to make educated decisions regarding their futures through discussions, presentations and a variety of interactions.
Learners will have the opportunity to meet and share information with other prospective students and parents. By gaining an in-depth understanding of what university life entails, matriculants will feel less stressed and will not have to fear the unknown. Matriculants will also have the opportunity to explore the various options for extra-curricular activities provided by the universities, including social clubs, sports clubs and other clubs on offer.
Prospective students can learn how to secure student loans. They will also get advice on how to manage finances when living away from home, as well as meet and share information with other school leavers and parents.
Graduates will be able to explore career opportunities both locally and internationally. They may attend talks where they are given pointers on how to develop and write an effective and professional curriculum vitae as well as how to attend a professional interview. They will have the opportunity to meet the top graduate recruitment companies in South Africa.


  • 15-16  April at the Waterfront (17 Workshop in the Watershed) – Cape Town
  • 7-8  May at the Pavilion – Durban
  • 25-26 July at The Glen – Johannesburg

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