Here’s 5 Life Hacks to make your Student Life easier

Life hacks, things make your life easier that our editors compiled just for you. Being a college student is challenging enough, take a look at these hacks we guarantee you it will make every college students life a little easier.

1. How to avoid oversleeping

…and give yourself enough time to get lost on your way to class the first week of school by placing your phone in a glass cup. The reverberation of the alarm will amplify the sound, plus there’s that extra step of reaching into the glass to turn it off.

2. Write down your grocery list

Write down a grocery list, make a list of the food that you are going to need to survive for the whole month.

3. Save up your change

Maybe less of a “hack” and more just a good piece of advice: Start a change jar. Seriously, keep a jar on your desk that you just throw random change into – by the end of the year, you’ll have collected more than you think…perfect for a much-needed beer run.

4. Always remember your schedule

Set the home screen on your phone as a picture of your schedule – maybe an easy way to recall your TO dos.

5. Get a backpack

Maybe it’s time you grab a backpack instead of a normal laptop bag.