Up to R5mil in funding for Tech Entrepreneurs in South Africa

Family of co-founder of one of the biggest black Auditing and Accounting firms in South Africa, now Chairman of WZ Capital, Mr Sango Ntsaluba is looking for innovative entrepreneurs to partner with towards promoting enterprise development in the country.
“WZ Capital is an institution which has been established by my family in order to partner with entrepreneurs. One of the realizations I’ve come to over the years is that there is a great number of people who want to go to business, but face many hurdles. So we’ve identified that WZ Capital should play in the space of being a catalyst for great ventures that will revolutionize the market,” said Mr Ntsaluba.
WZ Capital will partner entrepreneurs through three categories of support:
1.The first one, for those entrepreneurs we partner with, we will make sure that we bring our relationships into that partnership.
2. The second one will be to bring advice. Over the years one has accumulated a fair amount of experience. I would not like to see entrepreneurs entering business today, making the same mistakes, pay the same cost which I have incurred over the years in the process of trying to establish their businesses,” says Mr Ntsaluba.
3. The third category will be financial support to entrepreneurs. “It is important that it must be entrepreneurs who are serious about game changing initiatives. We are not looking for people who just want to do the ordinary things. We are looking at people who are bringing new and fresh ideas,”
He says the entrepreneurs must be able to look at what has not been done before. “It’s important also that those businesses must be scalable. What we’re looking at is a serious transformation of this country. We are not going to be able to do that, until we get people who are committed to doing it.”
Through WZ Capital Mr Ntsaluba’s family is targeting entrepreneurs who are already in businesses and those in early stages, as well as PhD students who may want to turn their research ideas into profitable businesses.