Standard Bank launches crowdfunding site for Students

Standard Bank has launched a crowdfunding site to pay fees for needy students. If you only have R50 to give but want to make sure it goes to someone to whom it will make a difference, Feenix gives you the power to do so. If you’re a student who has worked hard to make it to where you are but hasn’t had the opportunities or access to funding that other students have had because of their circumstance, Feenix gives you an opportunity to tell your story – to stand out because of who you are.
Feenix is an opportunity to get involved – whether you’re a student who just wants to get through your degree or a South African who believes that the future of the country depends on giving young people the tools they need to succeed. Crowdfunding is a growing phenomenon and is uniquely suited to this environment because it democratises access.
Students and donors are urged to register on