Monash University Is Pulling Out In South Africa

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Monash University is one of Australia’s leading universities and sad news for the South African based Monash University as its name will be disappearing from the Johannesburg campus.
According to Business Insider, ADvTECH Ltd, education group will be acquiring MSA in an R340 million deal.
“We may use ‘MSA’ as the brand, that’s one of the options, or there may be synergies with some of our existing brands,” says Felicity Coughlan, the group academic director of Advtech, on the future name of the institution.
The Monash campus, located on Johannesburg’s West Rand, is one of the largest private higher education precincts in the country with a capacity for 6,500 students.
Monash South Africa took it to social media to make the announcement.  And in their statement, they mentioned that all existing students, and those who enrol in full qualifications by the census date of the first semester of 2019, will still have their qualifications conferred by MSA provided they complete the course requirements in the designated time.

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