AUDITIONS: Old Mutual Amazing Voices in partnership with DStv

Old Mutual in partnership with DStv will be starting a new reality talent search show in South Africa to unearth musician hopefuls. The search for musician hopefuls in different genres started in Ghana on 01 October, followed by Kenya and Zimbabwe and will now be on home soil for its final search for Africa’s next household name in the music industry.
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On 12 January 2020, Old Mutual’s Amazing Voices, a pan-African singing competition, will premiere on the small screen with contestants from nine African cities – Accra, Kumasi, Mombasa, Nairobi, Bulawayo, Harare, Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, – squaring off against each other for the grand prize of $100 000 (around R1.5 million). The show will run for 13 weeks until 5 April 2020.
The show will seek to unearth unsigned talent across three genres – gospel, pop and rhythm and blues (R&B) with amazing voices.
Old Mutual Amazing Voices will see music industry Selectors from each of the four countries selecting three groups from each genre after mass auditions to steer them through the elimination round before the winning group is chosen.
The show will kick-off with mass auditions before our celebrated mentors select three groups of singers to advance to the home ground battle, which will be the elimination stage. After the elimination phase, three groups will advance to the grand stage where they will sing it out to win the main prize.

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