UNIVERSITIES: Classes might continue at the end of the Lockdown

It’s been weeks since President Cyril Ramaphosa ordered the nationwide lockdown, which led to universities and other institutions to put academics on hold.

The lockdown will last until 16th April 2020, if not extended.
So then what will happen to 2020 academically?
CEO of Universities South Africa Ahmed Bawa told POWER987 that it’s hopeful that lectures will continue at the end of lockdown and that the 2020 academic year has to be completed even if it spills over into the next year.

“If the lockdown comes to an end on the 16 of April, then universities will resume around about the 20th of April to allow students to come back to campus and so on. But if that’s not the case we’ll look into a whole range of other opportunities, the one thing we’ll have to do is complete the academic year and that will mean reshaping the academic year even if it means going early into 2021,” says Bawa.

Last week, Wits University announced a new way to proceed with academics for this year and revealed that ‘all academics will prepare to take lectures online’.

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