REGISTRATION OPEN at The International Hotel School

If you’ve just matriculated and you’re undecided about what to do in 2014, December’s your last chance to get a life… School’s out, and Matric rage is over – what’s your plan? What next?! Don’t wait for your results in January – the only thing standing in the way of your dreams is you!
If you have big dreams for your future, then grab that bull by the horns and apply today for a career in hospitality. From Culinary ArtsFood & Beverage ManagementHotel Operations and Hospitality Management, a qualification from The International Hotel School (IHS) can set you up for life.
Hospitality as a lifestyle is an adventure – you have the opportunity to work while you travel – and IHS’s graduates have ended up all over the world, working on cruise ships, at 5-star resorts, in restaurants… You don’t want to end up in a dead-end job sitting behind a desk all day do you?


The job market these days is tough – most Matrics need to study further because more than half of the 7 million unemployed South Africans who can’t find a job are between the ages of 15 and 24… Don’t become a statistic! If you love food and getting creative in the kitchen, why not do what you love andstudy Culinary Arts?
If you’re a people person and want to work your way up to management, why not do something exciting and study Hospitality Management? If you see yourself owning your own restaurant one day, why not take the first step and study Food & Beverage Management?
Don’t let the dismal job market dim your dreams – studying hospitality is exciting and a qualification from The International Hotel School is just the first stepping stone to a long career in an industry with loads of opportunities for students with big dreams and the right potential. And travelling while you work doesn’t have to mean years away from home…


You could take what you learn and start a restaurant right on your doorstep, orwork in a hotel a stone’s throw from your home. You could be your family’s role model for success. A gap year may sound appealing, but in the long run, you’ll earn more money with a proper qualification under your belt.
And if you do want to get away and make it ‘anywhere but here’, the world is your oyster! Hospitality gives you job opportunities anywhere in the world… Improve your chances of finding work with a two year Hotel Operations qualification, or become the next celebrity Masterchef with Christina Martin Culinary Arts.
Need to earn while you learn? IHS Online lets you study online while you’re working full-time – it’s everything you need to succeed. There are so many different positions available to students of hospitality. Register for 2014 to open the door to your future and get a life…


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