First year UJ students will have to have either a Laptop or a Tablet for their studies in 2014

First year University of Johannesburg (UJ) students will have to have either a laptop or a tablet for their studies in 2014, the university said on Wednesday.
“Technology will be an integral part of UJ students’ learning process and with this, UJ graduates will have the competitive edge and be able to vie for top positions nationally and internationally,” it said in a statement.
According to the UJ website, the university had negotiated a deal with a service provider so that students would pay about R2 000 for a tablet and the necessary dongle.
Eduloan could arrange funding for students to buy the tablet and pay it off at R500 a year or a lower monthly instalment. It also offered online resources to help students compare prices of other providers.
The university had been preparing for the move to digital learning by preparing the necessary infrastructure, learning resources, and interactive systems. Campus-wide Wi-Fi connectivity and charging points would be available.
Prof Elizabeth de Kadt, executive director of academic development and support, said the technology would bring immediacy, collaboration, and ease of access to studies.
“Students will be able to respond when lecturers ask them to find information online, take an in-class quiz, or to let lecturers know when they need to make their explanations clearer.
“It puts students’ learning in their own hands and allows them to actively participate in their education.”