Give Blood To Those Who Give Life

June 14th is recognised as World Blood Donor Day, by the blood transfusion services worldwide. The day is celebrated in various ways based on a theme and to thank voluntary non-remunerated blood donors. This year, the campaign “safe blood for saving mothers” was selected to draw attention the great demand for safe and sufficient blood for women who have complications at childbirth and other gynaecological needs.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) has encouraged all countries to have a volunteer approach to blood donation by 2020, and this year WHO is also drawing attention for great demand for safe and timely delivery of blood to assist in lowering the rate of maternal deaths.
The South African National Blood Service(SANBS) relies on volunteer blood donors to meet the various demands for blood, with childbirth complications and terminally ill patients featuring highest in terms of the demand for blood. “World Blood Donor Day” is extended in South Africa, making June -Blood Donor Month (BDM)
This June the SANBS will be hosting various blood drives around the country and donors are encouraged to come through in their numbers to avoid blood shortage that is often experienced during winter, so we are able to meet the demand of 3000 units of blood a day. SANBS will also be offering members of the public who wish to find out what blood group they belong to, to visit us at selected blood drives around the country during this month.  3M has also joined in support of BDM by sponsoring plasters for the month of June.
Support Blood Donor Month, by donating blood and/or encouraging others to do so. To become a blood donor you would need to be:

  • between the ages of 16 and 65 years old
  • weigh a minimum of 50kgs
  • be in general good health
  • live and sexually safe lifestyle
  • you must have had a good meal within 4 hours of donating

For more information on donating blood, you can contact the SANBS on :
0800 11 90 31 or visit:
twitter: @theSANBS